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Pigging system for process or transfer lines and all types of fluids

Designed to integrate perfectly on transfer lines, the Servinox pigging system is intended to add value to the recovered residual mass via a pig.

The pig is positioned before the drainage zone and then propelled in the piping by a push fluid (gas or liquid).
The standard equipment is comprised of an online starting station, an arrival station and a pig. It can be completed by full-flow multichannel valves (MV) that make it possible to adapt the lines in order to optimise the pigging phases. The pigging can be controlled manually or automatically with a pig speed control panel.


1. Pigging on the transfer line of all types of liquids

2. Equipment specially adapted to lines distributing viscous liquids, liquids with solids or liquids that congeal (creams, chocolate, caramel, etc.).


1. Decreased product losses (greater than 99.5% recover)

2. Pigging of all products carried in a pipe (viscous, with solids, congealed, etc.)

3. Improved flexibility in the use of lines limiting the risks of cross-contamination

4. Elimination of the dilution phenomenon caused by water pushed without a pig

5. Reduced volumes of effluents to treat

6. Reduced consumption of cleaning agents and wash cycles

7. Reduced operating expenses and return on investment from the first year of use

8. Customised system that adapts to any type of need and constraint