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Sampling with a simplified membrane for tank or process line and low viscosity liquids

The PEMS sampling cock is used to take a sample of clear or slightly viscous liquid from a process line or a tank in order to perform quality and/or bacteriological controls.
The tap is sealed with a membrane. Its hygienic design guarantees the lack of a retention zone (conducive to bacteria growth) and excellent cleanability. Its hygienic qualities, its simplicity of assembly and maintenance make it a market reference.


Key Benefits

  • Hygienic design with flush body
  • Low cost of acquisition and use
  • Modular opening
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Sampling on tank or transfer line of a clear of slightly viscous liquid (not sticky, not sugary and not congealed)
  • Equipment especially adapted to sampling of products subject to quality and/or bacteriological controls
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