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Outstanding performance and top sterility

Designed by FBR ELPO to fill 3-5-10-20-200 L bags, the “NEW” double head aseptic filler is ideal to handle liquids, semi-concentrates, concentrates, fruit puree, even with pieces in suspension, ensuring high performances and maximum asepticity.

Equipped with two mobile filling heads with tilting system, it can also be coupled to an automatic palletizer for full drums.

Th caps and spouts of 1″ or 2″ used for the product filling, can be sterilized either with steam only or, when necessary, with special chemical agents.

Electronics and efficiency

Simple but at the same time innovative, “NEW” filler guarantees the utmost reliability and safety thanks to the electric control panel with TOUCH SCREEN keyboard and on-screen controls. Through these applications, FBR ELPO ensures the utmost precision when filling all types of products.

Depending on the product and the associated sterilizer, the operating speed of the “NEW” filler can reach up to 12.000 kg/h.

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