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Flush mounted 3-A washing valve for agitated tank

The LPA-A washing valve was designed to perform heavy-duty cleaning of the tank during NEP cycles: it is used to reach the “obscure zones” created by components like the agitators and their shafts, the anchors and the wipers.
Each LPA-A valve is unique: Servinox studies the impact zones based on the characteristics of the tank and its components for optimal washing efficiency and reduced cycle time. Fixed on the tank housing, its flush design makes it possible to avoid disrupting the operation of the lining wipers and damaging them.

Key Benefit

  • Washing valve certified 3-A 58-01
  • Efficiency: heavy-duty cleaning of the tank thanks to the custom design of the spray grid, whose number, size and orientation of holes is calculated based on the position of the valve and the zones to impact inside the tank
  • Profitability: reduced cost of NEP cycles
  • Productivity: better availability of installations thanks to the reduced NEP time
  • Environment: water and cleaning agent savings
  • Dual-effect valve management with closing assist and retaining spring in case the air flow is cut


  • For heavy-duty sanitation of process tanks agitated with wiper blade stirrers or local wipers
  • All types of products
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