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Leonardo Series
Model HA/PA52

Conceived with new modular design, guarantees high flexibility.
It is designed with reliability in mind for easy maintenance and installation and for heavy duty application. Suitable for CIP and SIP


MODELS POWER PRESSURE 150 200 250 400 600 1000 1200 1500
kW bar
33.000 30.000 24.000 13.000 9.500 4.500 4.000 3.000
*Values referring to machines with fixed capacity
**Values referring to products with a max viscosity of 500Cp


Plunger number 5
Stroke (mm) 100
Weight (Kg) 8000
Water consumption (l/h) 300
Lubrication oil quantity (kg) 60
Connection product inlet/outlet Socket weld flange Øi102 / Øo70


Duplex (SAF2205) monoblock stainless steel compression head of high mechanical and corrosion resistance, self alignment patented plungers
chrome coated
Double transmission systemwithgear box andtrapezoidal belts and pulley, main motor on cross slide
Homogenizing group with hydro-pneumatic adjustment ofthe pressure for maximumstability and homogenizing valvesin stellite™
Tungsten carbide or ceramic for abrasive product and ultra-high pressure applications
Standard or sharp edge H-valve
Overpressure valve, flow switch alarm
Electronic pressure transmitter with ceramicmembrane
Double stage transmission systemwith fixedgearreducer
Forced lubrication system with pressureswitch
Terminal box and control panel for local/remote control
Vibration monitoring and temperature sensor on the crankase and on the gear box


Second stage homogenizing group Electric board
Aseptic execution • Terminal box inside themachine
• Power board for fixed or variablecapacity
• Internal or external SS cabinet • Sterile water generator by means of condensed steam generator
• Patent pending sterile water generator by
means of microfiltration Inlet and outlet connections
• DIN 11851
• Tri Clamp
3A design
• Low roughness and electropolished wettables
• Certification manual for cGMP Explosion proof design
Homogenizing valve with different geometries depending on the
type of product
Sound proof design
EHEDG compliant design
• Tungsten carbide
• Ceramics
High-efficiency patented homogenizing valve “Margherita”

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