QuattroTec Quaternary Pump Technical Data

Product Type:

QuattroTec Series

QuattroTec Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps are electricially driven and truly unique in its concept. Its operation mimics that of the human heart, which is the perfect technology for the safe, reliable and efficient transfer of liquids. The 4-piston diaphragm/ valves combination enables gentle pumping like soft heartbeats. Each stroke is derived by an eccentric shaft connected to an electric motor.

Low-friction, low-shear and low pulsation are characteristics, which make QuattroTec ideal for critical applications handling with shear sensitive and expensive ingredients requiring precise flow, high turndown and accurate dosing in a hermetically sealed environment, coupled with the ability of transferring CIP media with the same pump.

  • Minimum particle generation
  • Low risk of contamination of the pumped liquid and
    the end product
  • No drop-in flow rate time
  • Some peristaltic pumps
    are not capable of reaching more than 1 bar
  • Low pulsation
  • No tube failure
  • Better of reaching all needed duties or scalability
  • Ability to handle both product and CIP flow duties with same pump,no need for CIP bypass
  • Self-priming, dry running
  • No mechanical seals, no leakage problems and high maintenance costs
  • High efficiency for low viscosity liquids
  • Low power requirement, because low slip translated to minimal heat and shear to the pumped liquid