QuattroTec Quaternary Pump Quatroflow

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Quattroflow develops and manufactures, in close cooperation with their customers, specific multiple-use and single-use pumps for the critical applications in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.Whether in cross-flow systems, chromatography devices or centrifuges: the pumps gently convey aqueous solutions and biological products sensitive to shear force ranging from blood to vaccines without denaturing them. Quattroflow Fluid Systems provides the best consultancy, precise sizing of the pumps and peripheral components, like flow, pressure and other process parameters, including control systems and data logging.There are approximately 2,000 specialized Quattroflow pumps in operation worldwide at numerous pharmaceutical companies, including Blue-Chip names such as: Baxter, Roche, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

  • Minimal maintenance, minimal downtime, low pulsation, superior cointanment
  • variable and wide flow, no particle shedding, high purity, quiet operation, CIP & SIP, proof against dry running, self-priming,
  • easy cleanable outer surface, linear turndown, hygienic compact design, low heat input