Product Type:


The HYGHSPIN 50 is available as a close−coupled pump with flange-fitted motor − for reliable performance even in the tightest of spots.

HYGHSPIN 50 − working tirelessly for your success :
When planning a unit for pumping liquid batter it was possible to reduce the costs by 30% by doing away with the need for a separate CIP pump, valves and measurement and control systems.

Technical data at a glance :
Product connections :
▪ Axial: nominal widths 25, 40, 50, 65 (standard as inlet)
▪Radial: nominal widths 25, 40, 50 (standard as outlet)
Flushing/buffer connections :
▪ 2x inlet G1/4 (bottum)
▪ 2x outlet G1/4 (top)

Technical data at a glance :
• Max. solid material diameter: 16 mm
• Max. pressure difference: 16 bar
• Capacity range 30l/h to approx. 20 m³/h depending on viscosity

Product temperature: -10 to 130°C
• Cleaning/sterilisation up to 145°C
• Design: Close-coupled