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High pressure homogenizer
up to 1.500 bar at 1.000 l/h
High energy and volumetric efficiency

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Plunger number 3
Stroke (mm) 90
Weight (Kg) 3.500
Water consumption (l/h) 300
Lubrication oil quantity (kg) 42
Connection product inlet/outlet 1”
By the world leader in ultra high pressure application, a new design of compression head with:
❑ Minimum dead volume – high volumetric efficiency
❑ Innovative design of the liquid end for minimized sterilization time, high volumetrical efficiency and
reduction of complexity
❑ Up to 1.500 bar – 1.000 l/h
❑ Available skidded version with feeding pump and filter, inlet pressure regulating valve,
heat exchangers and temperature probes


Liquid End: Duplex (SAF2205) mono-block shoot peened stainless steel compression head with high mechanical and corrosion resistance, ceramic
Plungers. UHMW plunger seal for very high pressure
Single stage transmission systemwithtrapezoidal belts and pulleys
Homogenizing group with hydro-pneumatic actuation of homogenizing pressure for high result efficiency,ceramic homogenizing valves up to 1.500
Ball type pumping valves, suction and delivery valve seats integrated in a single part.
Overpressure valve, flow switch alarm on water circuit
Forced lubrication system with pressure switch, cast iron crankcase with supporting roller bearings, nitrurized crankshaft
Terminal box and control panel for local/remote control


Second stage homogenizing group
Aseptic execution
3A, EHEDG or PHARMA design
• Low roughness and electropolishing of product wetted parts
• Certification manual for cGMP
Standard or sharp Homogenizing valve with different geometries
depending on the type of product
• Tungsten carbide
• Ceramics
• Double inlet manifold
Inlet and outlet connections
• DIN 11851, Tri clamp, SMS
• High pressure outlet
• Option upon request
Explosion proof design
Sound proof design
Vibration and temperature monitoring and alarm

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