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Pressure, depression and gas collection safety valve for inerted tank

The BOG range of valves are equipment designed to protect low pressure tanks not subject to the DESP against depressions (vacuum breaker) and/or overpressures. Depending on the version, the valve’s exhaust can be collected.
Servinox has the tools to size a valve based on the characteristics of the tank (diameter, height), resistances (pressure, depression) and washing conditions (temperature, flow).

Key Benefits

  • Fully autonomous (does not require any external subservience to operate)
  • Different models available depending on needs: pressure/depression with or without exhaust collection, pressure alone with or without exhaust collection and depression alone
  • Valves compatible with hot/cold washing (after validation by the validation tool)
  • Easy and economical to maintain
  • Low pressure sealed
  • Hygienic design
  • Freeze protection option on demand


  • Production and storage of food and non-food products in controlled atmosphere (dairy products, beverages, water, creams and other cosmetic products, fine chemicals, etc.)
  • Tanks not subject to the DESP whose service pressure does not exceed 0.5 bar and whose service temperature does not exceed 120°C
  • Exclusively designed to carry gas
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